• Model: Legalon 140mg x 100 caps Maduas

Product Details

Description: Legalon 140 [Silymarine 140mg]

Silymarine (Chardon-Marie) 140mg

Manufacturer: Madaus

Package: 140mg x 100 capsules

Total: 14000mg

More Info

Legalon® is a natural medicine that has been used for over 40 years worldwide and is scientifically researched to help protect, detoxify and regenerate liver cells.

After an overindulgent period, or during or after a cycle of ananbolic steroids, do you ever find yourself feeling a bit fatigued or sluggish? Or do you sometimes feel nausea or that feeling of being uncomfortably full?

Our liver is vital to good health and sometimes our lifestyles can overwork, it which may lead to these feelings of discomfort. Even if the symptoms don’t feel like they are linked to anything, it may be your liver in need of support. If so, Legalon® may be right for you