• Model: Trenflex 150 [Trenbolone Acetate] 150mg/ml x 10ml vial

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Description: Trenflex 150 [Trenbolone Acetate] 150mg/ml FlexLab

Trenbolone Acetate

Manufacturer: FlexLab

Package: 150mg/ml x 10 ml vial

Total: 1500mg

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Trenbolone Acetate is considered by thousands of athletes as the best anabolic steroid available in the market whose advantages are quite unlike any other steroids. Apart from the testosterone compounds Trenbolone Acetate is perhaps the most sought after injectable steroid of our times. The advantages of this steroid during a cutting cycle is unparalleled and even if one stacks many different anabolic steroid together it still won’t equal the power of Trenbolone Acetate. Moreover this is also one of the best off season bulking steroid one will ever come across. It will help in packing on a lot of mass while resulting in tremendous strength gain. Trenbolone Acetate will perform its task in a manner which is much cleaner than all other bulking steroid. This is why this steroid is a common favorite of most athletes which has earned it the epithet ‘king of the kings’.